Macrodyne Technologies

Large Tonnage Hydraulic Presses

400 to 11,000 tons

Single, double and triple action hydraulic presses are available for a wide range of metalforming processes from deep draw, hydroforming and transfer applications to fine blanking, coining and piercing in tonnage sizes ranging from 400 tons to 11,000 tons.

Other applications for these large tonnage presses include:

  • Hydraulic press lines and automated cells with high speed press-to- press transfer systems
  • Hot stamping
  • Forging
  • Cold forming
  • Extrustion
  • Die spotting & tryout presses
  • Automotive mold & trim presses
  • Super plastic forming
  • Elastoforming
  • Heated platen presses
  • Compression & molding presses
  • SRIM, RRIM, RIM & RTM presses
  • Pulp baling presses
  • Research & development presses
  • Compaction presses
  • Special application presses

In addition to identifying the right press, we have the engineering, integration, installation and after-market support to ensure that the press control, automation and other ancillary equipment work together to give you optimized production and uptime.

Contact us today. Let us perform an on-site evaluation to help you determine the right large-tonnage hydraulic press solution for you.