SPF2 Two Point Link Motion

220, 330 and 440 Tons

The SPF2 two point straightside press is especially suited for progressive die, cold forging applications. Its cast bed and frame, twice as rigid as conventional presses, combines with the machine's ability to hold pressure on the part, allowing material more time to flow. Fabricators use this press to produce parts with non-uniform thicknesses or complex, high-precision features. Link motion reduces slide velocity through the working portion of the stroke by 40 percent, improving die life and material springback.

The Two Point Link Motion press features:

  • Low deflection, less than 0.00036 inch per foot
  • Patented 9-linkage mechanism maintains 44-degree slide stoppage at Bottom Dead Center
  • Enhanced knuckle driving mechanism eliminates die sticking near bottom dead center.
  • High torque, low noise wet clutch and brake

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