Toledo Integrated Systems

Machine Controls & Guarding

Reliable and user friendly, these custom-tailored press controls have open architecture versus canned, closed-architecture systems. Each is designed to fit your application including hydraulic and mechanical presses.

Servo press process control and automation solutions are also available including servo, feedlines, transfer systems and robotics; as well as your budget and level of automation. Maintenance is made easy with off-the- shelf components for Allen-Bradley PLC and HMI products as well as other PLC-based solutions like Siemens and Mitsubishi.

Press control packages include:

  • Press Pilot 150 - Basic Press Control:
    Economical to upgrade or retrofit to mechanical air clutch presses from the smallest OBI presses to the largest straight side presses

  • OEM Press Pilot 150 with Integrator Friendly Control:
    The Press Pilot 150 can be designed for both integrators and OEMs as a stand-alone unit or as part of a complete control solution

  • DPPlus TPC - Press Control with Basic Automation:
    Basic press control and automation system integrates die protection, programmable limit switches, brake monitoring, counters, motion detection and job storage

  • AB Maximizer TPC - Allen-Bradley Press Control & Automation Solution:
    Total press control features Allen-Bradley hardware with a unique design to create a user-friendly solution with integrated motor control and press line equipment that is expandable

  • S Maximizer TPC - Siemens Press Control & Automation Solution:
    Siemens hardware combines with unique design to integrate motor control and press line equipment. Expandable and customizable.

  • HYD Maximizer TPC - Hydraulic Press Control & Automation Solution:
    Can replace hydraulic controls for improved functionality or safety updates. Available in standard or custom designs.

  • Servo Press Process Control & Automation Solution:
    Basic and fully integrated line control solutions are available in standard or custom packages engineered for individual requirements.

    Two and four channel tonnage monitors are available along with production and downtime networking software.


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