SDE Tie Rod Straightside Heavy Duty Direct Drive Servo Press

440 to 1320 Tons

This heavy duty press, featuring a longer stroke length [600 to 800], has been engineered to support your fabrication processes from garden variety high strength steel to exotic material applications. Built better than a mechanical press and better than other servo machines on the market, here are a few reasons why the SDG is the right choice:

  • Gears are forged ring and hub design, welded and hardened to 50R, 5 percent greater than a conventional mechanical press.
  • Crankshafts are 20 percent larger in diameter and have been hardened to 25R, comparable to mechanical presses.
  • Drive shafts are hardened to between 58 and 59R over that of mechanical presses hardened to 53R.
  • Gear clearances are 20 percent tighter.
  • BDC repeatability is +/- 0.01 mm, offered as a standard option and does not require linear scales.
  • Direct drive energy transmission eliminates speed reduction and knuckle joints for minimized mechanical clearances, reduced energy loss and fewer components for reduced maintenance.
  • Compact driver, controller and power unit system support fast response time and energy efficiency.

Contact us today. Let us perform an on-site evaluation to help you determine the best production solution for your stamping requirements today and in the future.

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