Magnum Press

Light Tonnage Hydraulic Presses

2 to 300 tons

Light tonnage hydraulic presses require no stand yet feature a larger bed area with increased cycle rates. Designed, machined and assembled in the U.S., these presses are suited to a wide range of operations from assembly, blanking, coining and forming to punching, riveting and staking. Heavy duty frames resist deflection while maintaining superior parallelism. Models are available in:

Bench Model C Frame
Standard RAM uses self-aligning flange end for tooling connection with split ring die coupler or quick change die coupler.

Floor Model C Frame
For some operations post guided tool plates can eliminate the need for a die set.

Two Post Press
Two-post hydraulic presses are typically well suited for dies that are wide left to right and narrower front to back.

Four Post Press
The four-post press is better suited for larger dies or operations requiring side access to die such as material feed.

GIB Guided MGF Series
Off-the- shelf self-lubricating and replaceable bronze gib material make the press suited to tough applications. ix-point bearing contact with adjustment bolts compensates for wear.

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